Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Thanks For Nothing

So I was walking my neighborhood and saw by my local skateboard shop that they put a sticker up and it had a picture of former president Bush. On his forehead it said Slave. Underneath his head are two bones crossed by each other, and under that is said thanks for nothing.
$lave is a skateboard company along with other black box distributors. $lave is owned by Ben Horton. I say that this sticker is very symbolic, because if the skateboard industry is noticing that there was something wrong when bush was president it can raise some speculations. The speculations it raises is that the world can obviously notice that Bush had a horrible term as president.

There were many memories that we will never forget and will stay scared in the USA while Bush was president.  First was the september 11 attacks. As we know its a day that will live in infamy. With 9/11 it lead to many more problems. It started a global nuclear war. Bush went on an declared a war against Afghanistan, Also Iraq. Those events lead to many more death. Many soldiers died over seas while in service to the country.

The sticker has a lot of significance. The picture reminds me of the poison sign with the two crossed bones. I like the way they combined it with a picture of Bush. I think the reason they made it this way is because with all the people who died under him being the leader of the country, perhaps they are trying to say that he is just dangerous for other people.