Thursday, October 7, 2010


Bob Dylan

    Well before i get into Bob Dylan's Song " Only a Pawn in Their Game" I am going to take about Medgar Ever So you can have a better understanding on who Medgar Evers was.

Medgar Evers
  Medgar Evers was an African American Activist from Mississippi. He was assassinated on June 12, 1963. Ever's was a member of the NAACP.

   The purpose of Bob Dylan's song I believe is to make the people aware of Medgar Evers assassination and The main point is about the shooter on how it wasn't his fault. This song was for the whole world to listen and to take in and view it the way they choose.
The arguement there is in the song is that Dylan  is saying that its not Byron De La Beckwith's fault on him shooting him. It is trying to point the Finger away from the person who shot Evers. It doesnt change the fact that he pulled the trigger, neither the less it has to do with the way he was raised; their still human and they have to deal with the guilt and he has to use his own discretion in the end.

However Bob Dylan being a white man and writing and have performed this song about a colored man and saying its not his fault for killing him seems like a typical thing. Its a typical thing cause it seems as if he is backing up the killer by saying its not his fault and saying " He is only a pawn in their game" suggesting that the government is behind it all.  It shows struggle as it always  does among Colored people at that time of period. I do think that Dylan's song had an impact on everyone who listened be they white, black or any ethnicity. It has definitely been a success because his doings is still kept alive through media throughout the years.


  1. Hmmm - a lot of whites were interested in Civil Rights at this time - on both sides! Look again at the lyrics - do you think Dylan is saying something more specific about Evers in addition to describing that the murder took place?

  2. funny thing once you played the song in class and i listened to it again i was like oh my god how did i misread this i misinterpret it sorry but i have made adjustments

  3. That's ok, Kevin! Misreadings can be interesting if they make us think about what we were bringing to the song. With blog posts, it can be interesting to, instead of 'fixing them' add how our thoughts have changed after we have more information or discuss things more.