Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"All you see is CRIME IN THE CITY"

    Skeme's is a very know name in the graffiti world. One of his greatest art pieces is one he did on the side of an elevated train. when you saw it go around the city, all you see is Crime in the city passing by on the side of the train. To me i think this piece is very symbolic. I say its symbolic because of the time period graffiti was a big hit amongst a lot of people. However with all those lovers of the art, there was a lot of hate towards it. The argument is that graffiti isnt considered art, but an act of vandalism. The thing is with so much controversy up in there who can one believe. So that's why I picked this piece its sort of an ironic piece in a way, because he wrote crime in the city. I think he wrote that because the fact that there will always be a debate that its not art it will be a crime and it will be all around the city. That will be a big debate going back and forth that will never end. Everyone has their own opinions to what they believe. However I personally think that the graffiti that Skeme did is considered a masterpiece, because it takes so much talent to be able to write letters and draw characters with a spray can. Not many have the artistic ability, and all that artist want to do besides do what they like is to have their work be viewed.

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  1. Hi Kevin - I think this is a great topic. As you start to look for sources, you'll want to look at just what was going on between law enforcement, politicans and graffiti artists at this time. Also in recreating the story of this text, it's interesting to think about just how much work goes into doing something like this - not just the craft of the painting, but physically being able to move in the space this way . . .