Tuesday, November 2, 2010

sources for paper

So for my paper I am writing about Graffiti. Specifically about this one piece made by Skeme in the mid 80's. This piece is very symbolic cause of the time period in New York, there was a lot of graffiti going on at the current time. This time frame raised the question amongst plenty New Yorkers whether Graffiti is considered a form  of art or crime.

One of my sources that I will use is a documentary called Style Wars. This documentary is in the mid 80's and is about graffiti, in views of a political perspective. As well with a writers perspective. This documentary has many great graffiti pieces. It shows you the history on how time changed through out New York, as well with what graffiti writers had to go through in the process of doing there art.

My second source I have is from All Aboard the Night Train.  Which talks about what new york was and has maps about the graffiti routes taken, still currently reading this.

My Third source I am going to use is another documentary called Infamy which takes you into the life of your average graffiti persons life and what they want to achieve with it and how it has helped them in the long run.( for example we have Claw who is a female graffiti writer, who is very well know around the world for her graffiti, as well for her clothing line.)


  1. Still have to finish this post just wanted to put something on the wall for today.

  2. Ok - look forward to reading the update! When you do, tell us more about "All Aboard the Night Train" and the argument it makes, and start drafting in response to the questions I've outlined.